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President Wen-Tsuen Chen's Farewell Party
President Wen-Tsuen Chen adressing the party
President Wen-Tsuen Chen adressing the party
President Chen with student representatives
President Chen with student representatives
President Chen with student representatives
Blessings performed by administrative staff
"Blessings" performed by administrative staff

A farewell party was arranged by faculty and staff members in honor of the departing President Wen-Tsuen Chen. The warm and congenial occasion was held at the International Student Center on January, 28. Beginning with a multimedia presentation titled "Thank you Mr. President," the master of ceremonies recounted the highlights of the President's tour of duty. The departing president then thanked colleagues and students alike by saying, "this video presentation is a wonderful way to look back at my past four years at this beloved institution."

Dr. Liu Chao-Han, Vice President of Academic Sinica praised President Chen's leadership in higher education, noting that he is not only a distinguished information scientist but also a determined and talented university president who successfully uplifted NTHU's standing, both globally and nationally. Dr. Randy Tzong-Ming Yen, Director General of Hsinchu Science Park commented, "President Chen has proved to be a highly effective administrator in the last four years. I believe that his talent in management will be of tremendous value when he moves on to his new assignment overseeing the Biomedical Science Park."

Former President Chung-Laung Liu reported that his predecessor, President Chun-Shan Shen once told him that being a university president is like being a member on a relay team; passing the baton from one runner to another, hoping the new runner will run faster and better. President Liu also compared the president's job to that of building a house, but he believes that as a late comer, President Chen has accomplished much more than he did. In his own words, "while I might have built a ranch, President Chen has certainly finished a skyscraper!"

In addition to colleagues who praised President Chen for his outstanding service, a group of student representatives also took this occasion to express their gratitude. They thanked the President for his unwavering dedication to improve the learning environment and his constant support and encouragement in their academic as well as extracurricular pursuits.