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NTHU President Chen Wen-Tsuen (left) presenting the certificate of appointment to Dr. Peter Chen (right) 12/25 Dr. Peter Chen Bestowed NTHU Distinguished Chair Professor
NTHU presented the honorable title of Distinguished Chair Professor to Dr. Peter Chen on December 8th, 2009. Dr. Peter Chen currently holds the position of Distinguished Chair Professor at Louisiana State University in the United States. He is known internationally as the creator of the Entity-Relationship (ER) Model. His first paper on the ER Model was included in the "38 most influential papers in Computer Science" by a survey of over 1,000 computer scientists. Additionally, Dr. Chen is an IEEE, ACM, AAAS fellow and a frequent recipient of many distinguished awards, such as ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award, IEEE Harry Goode Award, DAMA International Achievement Award, Stevens Software Method Innovation Award, and Pan Wen-Yuan Outstanding Research Award. He was inducted into the "Data Management Hall of Fame" and recognized as one of the top 16 "software pioneers" in the world.......<<More>>
Professors Ann-Shyn Chiang and Chen-Chim Ma 12/24 Professors Chen-Chim Ma and Ann-Shyn Chiang Bestowed the Teco Award
The Teco Award was set up by the Teco Technology Foundation Chemical with the aim to honor outstanding talents who have made substantial technological innovations, as well as to facilitate the advancement of society and humanity in Taiwan. On November 8, 2008, two National Tsing Hua University professors Chen-Chem Ma of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Ann-Shyn Chiang of the Institute of Biotechnology were bestowed the special honor in the mechanical/materials/energy category and chemical engineering/biology/biomedical engineering category, respectively. The awards were personally presented by R.O.C. Vice President Vincent C. Siew.......<<More>>
Professor Chi-Chang Hu 12/23 Chemical Engineering Professor Chi-Chang Hu Elected "Ten Outstanding Young Persons"
The Junior Chamber International, Taiwan announced the 46th Ten Outstanding Young Persons in the morning of October 27th, 2008. An award ceremony is scheduled for November. Recipients this year include Tsing Hua chemical engineering professor Chi-Chang Hu and baseball player Chien-Ming Wang currently playing for the American New York Yankees. They will receive a certificate and the Golden Hand Award, which that was installed to inspire youths them to strive for excellence.......<<More>>
Signing the memorandum 12/22 Tsing Hua Professors Yang Rurbin and Fang Sheng-Ping Signed an Agreement to Build Tsing Hua Museum
Over the past two decades, Tsing Hua Department of Chinese Literature professors Yang Rurbin and Fang Sheng-Ping had built an impressive collection of more than one thousand articles related to the East Asian Confucian studies. The couple's collection included calligraphy writings, paintings, documents, maps and books, and many of which had been exhibited in Japan and Taiwan several times, winning much acclaim and attention. Having taught for a long time at Tsing Hua, the professors have developed a special fondness for the university and thus have decided to donate their treasured collection to help build Tsing Hua Museum. Their collection is expected to enrich the university culture in the arts as well as improve its reputation.......<<More>>
Professor Chen-Chim Ma Garners the Ministry of Economics Industrial Technology Advancement Award 12/19 Professor Chen-Chim Ma Garners the Ministry of Economics Industrial Technology Advancement Award
The Industrial Technology Advancement Award was installed by the Ministry of Economics to encourage promising talents to participate in research and development of industrial technology. Tsing Hua Department of Chemical Engineering professor Chen-Chim Ma received the 2nd Industrial Technology Advancement Award for his long term dedication in the industry and outstanding achievements in both the industry and academia. An award ceremony was recently held by the Ministry of Economics to honor the recipient.......<<More>>
Professor Jang-Ping Sheu 12/11 Professor Jang-Ping Sheu Elected IEEE Fellow
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a prestigious organization of electrical engineering and computer science has recently announced its new list of IEEE Fellow for 2009. NTHU chair professor Jang-Ping Sheu of the Department of Computer Science was elected for his exceptional contribution in mobile computing and parallel processing.......<<More>>
President Wen-tsuen Chen and the happy students of the Tsing Hua College 12/10 Tsing Hua College---A New Educational Program
After much anticipation and preparation, NTHU officially launched the Tsing Hua College in the beginning of the 2008 academic year. The College represents a new concept that differs from conventional undergraduate education commonly found in our country. It will integrate dormitory living, professional education and social service into a coherent and wholesome educational program with the goal of nurturing a greater number of future academic and social elites.......<<More>>
Groundbreaking ceremony for Delta Hall 11/21 NTHU Celebrates the Construction of a Green Building
Mr. Bruce Chung, Chairman of Delta Electronics and President Wen-tsuen Chen jointly broke ground for the construction of a green classroom building on October 31st, 2008. The building is funded by Delta Electronics with supplementary funding from the "Project of Promoting Academic Excellence."As a gesture of gratitude, NTHU named the new building Delta Hall.......<<More>>
Professor Yi-Chou Tsai 11/05 The Shortest Metal-Metal Bond, a Milestone Discovery in the history of Chemistry
Scientists have endeavored to explain chemical bond in order to delineate the force between atoms in molecules. The theory, however, is highly complicated and who frequently modified. One important concept that is universally true is that the more bonds between two atoms, the closer the two atoms are to each other and thus the greater force between them. In the forty years before 2005, metal-metal quadruple bond complex is as far as scientists could synthesize. After the physics and chemistry of quadruple-bond complex is fully understood, scientists began to turn to synthesizing complexes with more bonds.......<<More>>
The Ghana team with local children. 11/05 Compassion Has No Boundary
"Last summer they started to do their social service in foreign counties and served people they've never met before." Continuing the first international volunteer program in 2007, this year's program is further expanded from four teams to nine with destinations spanning Nepal, Ghana, Aceh and Medan of Indonesia, Tanzania, Yinchuan of Ningxia and Qinghai.......<<More>>
NTHU’s Scholars Are Internationally Recognized 11/03 NTHU's Scholars Are Internationally Recognized
There has been a great deal of good news around NTHU campus this past summer. Professor Chang Shih-Lin of the Department of Physics—currently also serving as Vice President of Academic Affairs — has won the Warren Diffraction Physics Award from the American Crystallographic Association (ACA) for his work in diffraction physics. He is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the fields of the X-ray phase problem, multi-beam diffraction, and X-ray resonance cavities. The Warren Diffraction Physics Award is one of the ACA's four major prizes, established in 1970 to recognize scientists for their outstanding scientific achievements.......<<More>>
MOE Announced the Winners of National Awards 11/03 MOE Announced the Winners of National Awards
The Ministry of Education recently announced the list of winners of two important national awards. Professors Chen Wen-Hwa and Chen Bor-Sen won the National Chair Professorship and Academic Award respectively. Congratulations to both Professor Chen.......<<More>>
Four of Our Young and Promising Professors Won the Wu Ta -You Memorial Award 10/30 NTHU Undergraduate of Physics Y. C. Lin Published in Physical Review Letter
Crumpling a piece of paper and making it into a "paper ball" is so ordinary an act that we do it all the time and few will think the paper ball is worthy of investigation. Mr. Y. C. Lin, however, certainly did not think so. In his senior year, Y. C. Lin crumpled a lot of paper and made paper balls not out of frustration but as subjects for his research into "physics of crumpling." Supervised by Professor Hong Tzay-Ming, Mr. Lin submitted his research findings in a paper entitled "Three Dimensional Experiment on Crumples" to Physical Review Letter, the most authoritative journal in the U.S.. His paper was accepted and published on September 19, 2008.......<<More>>
Four of Our Young and Promising Professors Won the Wu Ta -You Memorial Award 10/30 Four of Our Young and Promising Professors Won the Wu Ta -You Memorial Award
The National Science Council announced the winners of Wu Ta-You Memorial Award. Four of our associate professors were selected to receive this honor—Dr. Wang Daw- Wei of the Department of Physics, Dr. Hou Jiang-Liang of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Dr. Huang Chin-Yu of the Department of Computer Science and Dr. Liu Shu-Chin of the Institute of Taiwan Literature. ......<<More>>
Observation of Atomic Diffusion at Twin-Modified Grain Boundaries in Copper 09/03 Observation of Atomic Diffusion at Twin-Modified Grain Boundaries in Copper---A Research Report Published in Science, Aug. 22nd
A team of researchers led by Professors Lih-Juann Chen and Chien-Neng Liao has endeavored in the research of advanced materials at an atomic scale using in situ ultra high vacuum transmission electron microscope. One of their foci is to explore the movement of Cu atoms in super fine copper line in integrated circuit under high density current. The team has discovered that Cu atom diffusion along grain boundary is affected by the structure of nano bi-crystal and shows signs of slow-down. This new discovery was proudly reported in the August 22nd issue of Science.......<<More>>
President Emeritus Frank Hsia-San Shu 08/28 President Emeritus Frank Hsia-San Shu on "Global Change and Energy Crisis—Analysis and Strategies"
Soaring oil prices coupled with inflation is one of the most concerned issues in both public and private sectors. NTHU's Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science, the College of Nuclear Science, invited Dr. Shu to deliver a lecture on "global change and energy crisis—analysis and strategies." The lecture took place in Conference Room 205 in the Department of Engineering and System building on Monday afternoon, August 4, 2008.......<<More>>
A group photo of students and faculty after the program kicked off 08/27 Students from the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, Honduras, Visit Tsing Hua for the Summer
Students from the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), Honduras, came to Tsing Hua for a three-week academic program at the Institute of Information System and Applications from June 16th to July 3rd, 2008. Five professors took turns to deliver short-term courses in English with subjects ranging from information security, human intelligence, software engineering to other related information technologies. This marked the fifth and last year of the fruitful international academic exchange program between the two universities.......<<More>>
NTHU Moves Up Steadily in World Ranking 08/19 NTHU Moves Up Steadily in World Ranking
The Shanghai Jiaotong University recently published its 2008 ranking of universities in the world. Landing at 308th place, NTHU is nine notches up from last year's. Taiwanese universities that made it into the top 500 are, in order, the National Taiwan University, NTHU, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, Chang Gung University and National Central University, National Yang Ming University.......<<More>>
Orientation Program for the 9<sup>th</sup> Summer Institute in Taiwan was a Great Success 08/13 Orientation Program for the 9th Summer Institute in Taiwan was a Great Success
A series of orientation activities kicked off for the 9th Summer Institute in Taiwan (SIT) on June 23rd, 2008. SIT is an exchange program for American and Canadian and Taiwanese graduate students. This year, thirty-three top graduate students from the two North American countries were greeted by Tsing Hua's warm hospitality before heading off to their respective institute for research on June 27th.......<<More>>
Nobel Laureate James D. Watson Praises Professor Chiang's Research Project 08/12 Nobel Laureate James D. Watson Praises Professor Chiang's Research Project
Professor Chiang Ann-Shyn, Director of the Brain Research Center at NTHU, was invited by the US Oceanographic Institution and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for lectures on "Building a Wiring Diagram of the Drosophila Brain"*. Among the audience at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory was James D. Watson, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the DNA double helix. At the end of the lecture, an enthusiastic Watson and Chiang exchanged many views on the topic, for it was the first time that the eighty-year-old Watson saw the actual wiring diagram of the Drosophila brain. Watson continued to discuss neural networks after the lecture with Chiang and then invited Chiang and his wife to his home for dinner.......<<More>>
Professor Chou Li-Jen 08/11 "Nanophotonic Switch: Gold-in-Ga2O3 Peapod Nanowires"—the First Taiwanese Nano Research Paper Published as Cover Report in Nano Letters and Featured Article in Nature Photonics
Led by Professor Chou Li-Jen, a Department of Materials Engineering research team proposed a novel idea for the next generation of photo-electric integrated circuit materials. The basic concept of optical computer, a new type of computer, comes from the replacement of electrons with photons for numeric calculations, logic operations, data storing and processing. Due to characteristics of light, optical computer's parallel processing and high speed calculation capability surpasses that of traditional computers. Therefore, photo-electric integrated circuit is expected to be widely applied in fiber optic communications and optical signal transmission. Its efficiency, speed and information volume of information transmitted will far exceed any chip technology today.......<<More>>
Professor Yang delivering a speech 08/11 Nobel Laureate Dr. Yang Chen Ning Accepted the Mei I-chi Distinguished Chair Professorship at NTHU
In a ceremony held on the 5th of July, the world renowned physicist Dr. Yang Chen Ning accepted an appointment as the Mei I-chi Distinguished Chair Professor of the National Tsing Hua University. After presenting the Certificate of Appointment, President Wen-tusen Chen noted that the Mei I-chi Chair is the highest academic honor that NTHU presents to world-class scholars and Dr. Yang certainly deserves such an honor. President Chen believes that students and faculty members at NTHU will benefit a great deal with the opportunity to study and consult with Dr. Yang.......<<More>>
Professor Hwang Huey-Liang and Jeff Wu Received the Pan Wen Yuan Distinguished Research Award 08/04 Professor Hwang Huey-Liang and Jeff Wu Received the Pan Wen Yuan Distinguished Research Award
The Pan Wen Yuan Foundation selects two to four outstanding Chinese researchers ,worldwide, in the fields of electronics, information and communication sciences and presents to them the Pan Wen Yuan Distinguished Research Awards annually. Two of the Tsing Hua professors won this honor this year when the selection result was announced last June. It is, indeed, a strong affirmation of the research capability and creativity of the faculty members of National Tsing Hua University! ......<<More>>
President Chen presenting the diploma to Dr. Yu. 07/31 Prof. Yu Ying-shih Accepted an Honorary Ph.D. and the Appointment as an Honorary Distinguished Chair Professorship
Prof. Yu Ying-shih, a world renowned scholar on Chinese thought history and the recipient of the John W. Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the Humanities and Social Sciences in 2006, returned to Tsing Hua campus and accepted an honorary doctoral as well as the Distinguished Chair Professorship in a ceremony held on the 7th of July. President Wen-tsuen Chen praised Dr. Yu as the leading scholar of Chinese thought worldwide and his lifetime commitment to promote liberty and the democratic movement in contemporary China. ......<<More>>
Speech at Tsing Hua’s anniversary celebration ceremony 07/17 Three Tsing Hua Professors Garnered the Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Researchers
Academia Sinica held the Research Award for Junior Researchers ceremony in the morning of June 9th, 2008. Three young Tsing Hua faculty members were awarded for their academic achievements. They are Wang Daw-Wei, Department of Physics, and Tsai Yi-Chou, Department of Chemistry (both for the Mathematics and Physical Sciences category) and Professor Huang Hui-chuan, Institute of Linguistics (for the Humanities and Social Sciences category)......<<More>>
President Emeritus, Dr. Frank Hsia-San Shu 07/01 President Emeritus Frank Hsia-San Shu Won the Harvard Centennial Medal
NTHU faculty and students share a special sense of joy and honor when their former president, Dr. Frank Hsia-San Shu was honored as the recipient of this year's Harvard Centennial Medal. The Harvard Centennial Medal was established by the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and first presented at the school's centennial anniversary ceremony in 1989. Since then, two to four medals are given to outstanding alumni who have made significant contributions to the society annually......<<More>>
Speech at Tsing Hua’s anniversary celebration ceremony 06/12 Dr. Chen Lai-juh, General Manager and Chief Operation Officer of AUO Optronics Corp., Won the Distinguished Alumni Award
A Ph.D. graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Chen Lai-juh is one of those rare specialists in Taiwan whose expertise span across all fields of the TFT-LCD industry. His professionalism includes research and development, factory, information system, sales and marketing, as well as global manufacturing......<<More>>
Prof. Albert Kong 05/22 Astronomers catch a star in the act of exploding
Thanks to a fortuitous observation with NASA's Swift satellite, Prof. Albert Kong of the Institute of Astronomy is one of the first astronomers to catch a star in the act of exploding. Astronomers have previously observed thousands of stellar explosions, known as supernovae, but they have always seen them after the fireworks were well underway. This discovery was published in Nature on May 22, 2008....<<More>>
Campus road race participants 05/21 Founding Anniversary Celebrated with Fanfares
After a series of rainy days, the sun shone and the sky was cleared when a host of NTHU anniversary activities kicked off on April 26. A series of activities with a strong traditional Chinese flavor focusing on the theme of "Tsing (as in Tsing Hua) Dynasty", was presented by various student clubs and participated by Hsinchu residents, alumni and friends of NTHU. For two days the atmosphere on campus was lively and joyful.....<<More>>
Dr.Chang giving a speech during the NTHU anniversary assembly 05/16 Dr. Chang Tse-wen, Distinguished Researcher of the Genomics Research Center at Academica Sinica, Won This Year's Outstanding Alumni Award
Dr. Chang Tse-wen graduated from NTHU's Department of Chemistry and the Graduate Institute of Chemistry. His master thesis, based on the research of snake venom protein crystallization was published in the international renowned "Nature", making him one of the university's legendary figures....<<More>>
Mr. Ho giving a speech at the NTHU anniversary celebration 05/16 Mr. Ho Tai-shung, Chairman of Novatek Won This Year's Outstanding Alumni Award
Mr. Ho Tai-shung graduated from NTHU's Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering in 1983. He established Novatek, a specialized chip R&D and design company in 1997. The company was listed on the over-the-counter market in April, 2001, and subsequently listed on the stock market in August, 2008. At present, the company has a capitalization of NT5.41 billion and a market worth of around NT$60 billion. Of its 857 employees, R&D personnel account for 71%. Two-third of Novarek's employees have Masters or PhD degrees....<<More>>
Celebration of Tsing Hua’s Founding Anniversary 05/08 Celebration of Tsing Hua's Founding Anniversary
A series of activities were planned to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of Tsing Hua University and 52nd anniversary of the establishment of National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.The centerpiece of the entire series of anniversary activities, began on time at 10:30 am, on April 27 amidst a warm and happy atmosphere....<<More>>
From left to right: Dean of the College of Technology Management Dr. Chintay Shih, TSMC Vice Chairman Dr. F.C. Tseng, Delta Electronics CEO Yancey Hai, President Wen-tsuen Chen, former President Chung-laung Liu, and Yuan Ze University President Tsong P. Perng 04/24 TSMC Building: A Symbol of the Cooperative Effort Between Enterprise and Higher Education
NTHU is proud to open the new TSMC building, where the College of Technology Management is housed, on April 18, 2008. Taiwan Semiconductor Inc. (TSMC) donated over 180 million to the construction of this building, and the Ministry of Education assisted with the remainder. The Vice Chairman of TSMC, Dr. F.C. Tseng, contributed 15 million of his personal funds to furnish the Sun Yun-suan Hall. In appreciation of TSMC's magnanimous contribution, NTHU decided to name the building after the generous donor.....<<More>>
Dr. Alan J. Heeger 03/03 The Nobel Laureate Lecture Series Continues
Dr. Alan J. Heeger, one of the Nobel Prize winners in chemistry in 2000, visited NTHU on the 20th of February and delivered a special lecture to a packed auditorium! His topic was “Low Cost Plastic Solar Cells: Progress and Prospect,” a rather “dry” topic, but with vivid and humorous delivery, he kept all the audience attentive and generated a great deal insightful questions....<<More>>
Rejoice! We Won in the Second Competition for MOE's Special Funding with a Hefty Increase! 02/26 Rejoice! We Won in the Second Competition for MOE's Special Funding with a Hefty Increase!
The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the results of the second competition for the funding to “Develop World Class Universities and Top Notch Research Centers” on February 5th. Eleven universities will receive special funding totaling NT$9.65 billion. As a result of the combined efforts of all staff, students and alumni, NTHU achieved outstanding results and ranked second overall (behind NTU only) for quantitative and qualitative evaluations. In the next three years, NTHU will receive a subsidy of NT$1.2 billion each year, an increase of NT$200 million a year! Of all the universities awarded with this special fund, NTHU received the largest increase in both amount and percentage.....<<More>>


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