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Vol. 1 No. 4 | October 2007   <<(Download or read PDF)>>
.... University Development Advisory Committee Met to Chart the Future
.... NTHU Continues to Ascend in World University Ranking
.... Senior Faculty Members Won Prestigious National Awards
.... Four Young Faculty Members Won the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award
.... President Wen-Tsuen Chen Visited Japan
.... Modern Approaches Add New Insights to the Classical Three-body Problem
.... A Fruitful International Collaboration
.... Constructing a Bridge for the Future: Cross Strait Academic Exchange
.... To Serve and To Learn: NTHU International Service Volunteers Had a Rewarding Summer
.... Precision, Cooperation and Team Spirit Won the Inter-Collegiate Bridge Tournament Championship for NTHU
Vol. 1 No. 3 | July 2007   <<(Download or read PDF)>>
.... President Wen-Tsuen Chen Attended the AEARU BOD Meeting as Taiwan's Representative
.... Tsing Hua Celebrated Her 96th Founding and 51st Reinstallation Anniversaries
.... This Year's Distinguished Alumni Award Goes To: Dr. Jonq-Min Liu and Mr. William Y. C. Chang
.... Tsing Hua Delegation Visited Major US Universities
.... Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee's Commencement Address : Face the Reality and Meet the Challenge Head-On
.... Breakthrough in Carbohydrate Synthesis
.... President Chen Visited NTHU Alumni in the US
.... No More Needle: Novel Nanoparticles Allow Insulin to be Delivered Orally
.... A Belated Salute to the Unsung Heroes
.... NTHU Ranks Fifth at the 2007 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games: A New Record
.... New Officers Elected at Foreign Students Associatio
Vol. 1 No. 2 | April 2007   <<(Download or read PDF)>>
.... President Chen Attended Hong Kong Alumni Association Conference
.... President Chen Visited Top Institutions in Japan
.... President and Mrs. B. Joseph White of University of Illinois Visited Tsing Hua
.... Four Faculty Members Won Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council
.... Faculty Spotlight: Professors Hong Minghwei and Kwo Raynien, an Outstanding Faculty Couple Brings Semiconductor Breakthrough to NTHU
.... Solar System Minnows - Small Rocks Discovered in the Remote Suburb of the Solar System
.... A Breakthrough in Fly Brain Research Adds New Clues to Understand How Our Brain Works
.... Project Thousand Points of Light: Tsing Hua Enriches Her Campus with Students from Diverse Backgrounds
.... Study Abroad and Earn Dual Degrees from NTHU and Case Western Reserve University
.... NTHU's "Fulfill a Promise" Scholarship Receives a Generous Donation from Local Artist
.... Student Profile: Liu Jia-Ming Says "Never Give Up"
.... NTHU Delegation Visited Vietnam to Recruit Students and Promote Exchange
Vol. 1 No. 1 | January 2007   <<(Download or read PDF)>>
.... President's Greetings
.... Four Elected as Academicians of the Academia Sinica
.... Four Tsing Hua Professors Won National Honors
.... Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, the New President of Academia Sinica Visited Tsing Hua
.... The University Development Advisory Committee Met to Sketch a Bright Future for Tsing Hua
.... President Wen-Tsuen Chen Attended the AEARU Annual Meeting and Visited the Seoul National University
.... Sun Yun Suan Memorial Lecture Series Presented Two Nobel Laureates
.... Tsing Hua Innovation Incubation Center Has Received Outstanding Achievement Awards for Four Consecutive Years
.... Tsing Hua Guest House, a Home Away From Home for Visiting Scholars and Returning Alumni
.... Grand Opening of the International Student Activity Center was a Grand Succes